Navitas Apparel

Navitas is a new breed of outdoor lifestyle brand. Walking its own path, existing where street wear, Outdoor and Action Sports meet.
Created by a collective of like minded individuals coming from vastly different backgrounds but all with one common thread holding them together, we all love being outdoors! We are the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts and our focus is on creating clothing and equipment to fit the lifestyle we lead.
Our UK heritage inevitably means a journey to pursue our passion, be it a road trip to the ocean or the mountains,Or a night under the stars at the lakeside.  The journey becomes part of the lifestyle and Navitas understands this and draws on 20+ years of experience sleeping in vans, on floors and couches and pitching tents in pursuit of experiences.
At Navitas our focus is the details and the bottom line is it can’t just look good, for Navitas it has to perform. At home on the city streets or the great outdoors, we need performance products to enjoy being outdoors whatever the elements may bring.
Styled from the street, inspired for the outdoors, built to last…

Navitas AXOL Slip On Camo

The perfect amphibious slip on
£19.99 incl tax

Navitas Coolmax Ankle Sock 2 pack

£9.99 incl tax

Navitas All Season Suit 2.0

£99.99 incl tax

Navitas Apparel Camo Jogga Joggers

£29.99 incl tax

Navitas Apparel Core Zip Hoody Green

£24.99 incl tax

Navitas Apparel Explorer Tee T-Shirt

£19.99 incl tax

Navitas Apparel Explorer Zip Off Combat Trousers

Quick Dry Anti-bacterial
£49.99 incl tax

Navitas Apparel Hemlock Green Hoodie Hoody

£34.99 incl tax

Navitas Apparel Joy Tee T Shirt Black

£14.99 incl tax

Navitas Apparel Snowflake Beanie Winter Hat

£12.99 incl tax