Fox Zig HD Foam or Kits

Foam, Loading Tool or Kits
£2.99 incl tax

Fox Camo Drop Off Kits

Drop Off Heli Beads, Drop Off Run Ring or Run Ring
£3.99 incl tax

Fox Camo Lead Clip Kit

Slik, Safety and Power Grip Lead Clip Kit
£4.99 incl tax

Fox Edges Zig Float Kit

£10.99 incl tax

Korda Centre Of Gravity Lead System Kits

Flat pear or Distance
£5.25 incl tax

Korda Heli Safe Lead Release System

Brown or Green
£5.50 incl tax

Korda Quick Change Hybrid Lead Clip & Hybrid Tail Rubber

Weed/Silt or Gravel/Clay
£8.99 incl tax