Cult DPM Camo Bait Boat Protection Mat

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The Cult Tackle DPM Boat Protection Mat is a perfect handy little product for all bait boat users and will ensure your expensive boats are always protected whilst out on the bank. Made from a hard wearing, durable fabric in our distinctive DPM camo pattern. The mat measures 64cm x 37cm, allowing plenty of room for most boats available on the market to prevent them from being scratched, no matter where you take it. The mat has been manufactured using a 3cm thick padded base that can also sit in the bottom of your carry bag to provide that extra bit of protection during transport or when in storage.

A handy secure D ring pegging point on either end allow or the mat to be safely pegged down in windier conditions. These protection mats are also compatible for use with the Cult Tackle DPM Deluxe Boat Bags.

3cm Thick Padding material throughout.
Two secure ‘D Ring’ pegging points (one either end).
Compatible with the Cult DPM Deluxe Boat Bag.
Cult DPM Camo design.
These bait boat mats also make a superb kneeling mat when unhooking your catch or posing for a photo!

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