About us

Welcome to our passion!

CarpFury is run by some crazy anglers. We start all this with one single idea – how to get our hands on more and more tackles. If we can, we will fish 24/7 to infinity. We fish all over the Europe – battleground doesn’t matter as long as we are together and there is a possibility for a beautiful fish in the waters in front of us.

So, to share our experience, we decided to reach out to all brothers in rods and let them touch what we’ve touched, and to do our bit so our hobby and passion enrich the lives of many more.

We promise to you to work hard, be loyal and keep doing this with love and care!

We can find us also in our shop at:


Dorking Anglin Centre

Unit 3, 
Havenbury Estate, 
Station Road,

Tight lines and hopefully someday we will meet you on the banks!